Airbrush Tattoo Services

Airbrush Tattoo services for your events

Booking Policy

Our booking policy for airbrush tattoos are minimum of 3 hrs. We can create a bespoke team of airbrushing artists to cater to any scale-size event.

We would need you to complete our booking form and would require a booking fee payment (non – returnable) which would be the 30% of the quote. Once we receive the completed form and the booking fee payment we will then send a booking confirmation which is also the invoice with a payment due date.

How many tattoos per hour?  

To give our clients a better idea of how many people we can tattoo per hour (based on a single artist),

One small single black tattoo with no colour choice – Approx. 18 -20 person ph. 

Half arm black 3D Tattoos designs with less details with one colour choice (optional) approx. 10-12 person ph. 

Full arm 3D black tattoo designs with a few colour choices (optional) approx 5-6 person ph. 

The more bigger the tattoo, the more time it will consume. 

Why we advice booking more than one artist.

Time to time the artist could experience technical situations with the airbrushes which can cause a small delay with the service whilst trying to troubleshoot. To avoid any disappointments amongst the guests we always advise our clients to book a minimum of two artists. Booking more than one artist will have less impact on the waiting line because whilst one artist is dealing with the trouble shooting, the other artist or artists will continue to airbrush.  


We use (cosmetic grade) alcohol-based body paint which I spray on the skin using dual dual-action airbrush gun. The paint is completely safe to use on the skin and is fully compliant with the EC1223/2009 regulation. We offer it to any age from 5 yrs + It is highly popular amongst children, teens and adults.  We can also offer a very small patch test if anyone has a known allergies and is concerned about any reaction. The tattoos are completely water and sweat-resistant and can last on the skin for between 5-7 days (with good aftercare) or they can be removed instantly with an oil-based product such as baby oil. 

We use 3D stencils when we create very intricate designs that resemble a real-life black tattoo. These style tattoos are mainly more popular amongst teens and adults. Children are always more keen to have more fun designs with more, colour and a sprinkle of glitter but we can create designs to anyone’s preference as there is no rule it’s just pure fun and a very creative experience as well as being highly entertaining too. 

Bespoke stencils

We also do bespoke reusable stencils for any branded or themed events. You only need to provide us with a high-resolution image or a logo so that we can create the bespoke stencil at an additional cost.


Our fees reflect our, professionalism, creativity, speed and experience. The rates vary depending on the type of event, location, number of guests. Depending on how far we need to travel, additional mileage costs may apply.

We also offer;

Day time rates (between 9 am -5 pm)

Evening rates (between 5 pm – 12 am) the evening rates can be extended to up to 1 am.

You will need to provide us with the required information to be able to have a quote. Please use our contact form or send us an email- wereally look forward to hearing from you.

You can also find more airbush related information on our Airbrush FAQ page.