Terms & Conditions

When agreeing to book your event with Moondust Face & Body Art (with our services) you must pay a booking fee of £50 (non-returnable) to Rasiha Kavaklidere (CEO of Moondust Face & Body Art) as well as completing and returning the booking form. We will provisionally hold your booking date in the dairy for a maximum of 14 days and No booking is confirmed without the booking fee payment and the return of the signed booking form. If you want to book for a date longer than 6 months hence, We may ask up the 50% of a non-returnable booking fee which must be paid to Rasiha Kavaklidere (CEO of Moondust Face & Body Art) in 14 days from the date of your booking enquiry in conjunction with sending the signed booking form. If the booking fee isn’t received within this time period Moondust Face & Body Art reserves the right to cancel the booking, or take any other bookings that may come in. The full fee is due by or on the date of the booking either paid in Cash or by BACS to Rasiha Kavaklidere (CEO of Moondust Face & Body Art) unless otherwise pre-arranged with the client. Late payments will incur a late penalty fee of £5.00 per day after the agreed date of payment.

The first 10 miles of travel are included in the price. For distances over 10 miles, we reserve the right to charge for petrol/travel costs. If there are parking fees to be paid in order to attend an event these must be covered by the client. If a parking permit is needed, please make the necessary arrangements for one to be available for the artist.

Cancellation of a party or event by the customer must be given in writing or by email, no fewer than 7 days before the event was scheduled to take place. If less than 7 days’ notice is given, and the event is not to be postponed to another mutually suitable date, a 75% cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellations made on the day of the party or event will be liable for immediate payment in full. If Cancellation has occurred to an unexpected emergency situation which is out of clients control (Including illness) within 48-24hrs of the event day and client has requested to cancel the booking, under no circumstances the booking fee would NOT be refunded and Moondust Face & Body Art can suggest postponing the party or the event to another mutually suitable date between the client and the Artist.

We CANNOT work on anyone with a skin condition or disorder, open cuts or flaking skin, or any infectious disease including but not limited to conjunctivitis or other eye infections, cold sores, Impetigo, severe acne, flu and chicken pox. nor any child under the age of 3 years old. Children who is 3 years may be painted at the discretion of the painter by offering a small cheek or hand motif, depending on the child and whether they want to be painted. We will not force a child who does not wish to be painted regardless of how much the parent may want them to be done! The behaviour, safety & general supervision of waiting children is not the responsibility of the artist. We will make a suitable risk assessment on the day, and judge on a case by case basis.

Extra time maybe charged at £30 per half hour or £45 per every hour if the artist is required to stay extra after the booking time. It may be possible to increase the booking time with advanced notification. This must be pre-arranged & any additional time paid for. If the client uses the artist for less than the stipulated time the full fee must be paid in full. Once the artist has finished and packed away, they will not be able to re-set up to accommodate a late comer.

The artist is to be provided with adequate shelter from the elements (direct sun, rain & wind) artist to be situated as far from the noise & fumes of generators as possible. The artist is entitled to comfort & refreshment breaks for bookings over 3 hours. In the unlikely event of the artist being unable to fulfil the booking due to severe illness or other circumstances beyond the artists control, we will do our utmost to secure a replacement and any deposit’s paid will be refunded in full. Please note we are unable to provide any refund for bad weather, so please consider covered venues or a contingency plan. Moondust Face & Body Art shall not have any liability to the client for any loss, damage, costs, or expenses, which the client suffers or incurs arising out of the event unless arising out of gross negligence or wilful misconduct of Moondust Face &Body Art. Public liability cover for £10,000,000 is maintained by Rasiha Kavaklidere who is the lead artist and founder (CEO) of Moondust Face & Body Art (Other artists supplied by Moondust Face and Body Art have a PLI cover of £5M or £10M).

Any complaints must be put in writing, however, please report any problems during your party.

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