Face Painting

Moondust Face & Body Art provide you with the Face paint extravaganza! It is the most popular and the biggest highlight of your event and by hiring our services we will create the ultimate impact at your event! It’s highly entertaining, exciting, magical, and creative for children and adults and for all party guests. Our party packages include creative face artistry, glitter, stencils and all other design-complimenting embellishments. Our artists are full of a wealth of experience and are industry professionals and can cater designs to any party theme.

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Product Information

We use only high quality professional cosmetic grade face paints, glitters and accessories. All paints used are EU and FDA compliant and holds the CE trade mark. 

We use brushes and sponges to apply paint, which are washed and rinsed with specialist soap between every events. Water is changed regularly and brushes are rinsed with soapy water in between painting sessions, We also use one sponge per face policy to stop any cross contamination.

While it’s very unlikely that anyone would suffer an allergic reaction to the products that we use, in the even of a skin reaction (itching/swelling/discomfort), face paint should be washed off immediately with water and a soft cloth. DO NOT USE SOAP as this will aggravate the skin further.

We provide quality disclaimers that are on show with all our face painters to inform customers how to remove the face paint and advise on health & safety. A copy of our disclaimer can be e-mailed on request when you book. 

If you have any further enquiries regarding face painting you can contact us directly or have a look at face painting FAQ page.

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