Halloween & SFX

Halloween Parties in London

Children’s Halloween Party – London

We go big on Halloween! We create the most awesome SpooKy-LicouS designs for Children’s Halloween parties and events! We can cater for any character design making it as monstrous as you like or as child-friendly as can be, the choice is yours!

SFX make-up – London

Don’t get scared NOW!!

If you like horror then take a look at what we can create you into at Moondust Face & Body Art.

Please take CAUTION! by entering the horror scene with SFX make-up. We create all kinds of effective wounds, scratches, scabs, blood and skin textures. You can transform into a gruesome corpse bride or an infectious zombie or even a traumatic blood gore casualty! SFX is highly effective, entertaining and fun to watch how monsters are created. Not good for light-hearted!!

Halloween Parties for adults – London

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is the most biggest and popular time of the year and is now becoming a UK festive tradition! We Like to go BIG at Halloween! This is the biggest and craziest time of the year and every year Halloween is becoming more and more popular in the UK as it has become a festive tradition for children and adults! We create the ultimate creepy characters to glamourous sugar-skull Glamoween! Moondust Face & Body Art will make you the Halloween Show Stopper!