One Sponge per child!

We NEVER use the same sponge on more than one child. Using the same
sponge on multiple children puts them at risk of spreading bacterial,
viral and fungal infection, as well as other skin-borne infestations, in
addition damp sponges on a hot day provide the perfect breeding ground
for fast growing bacteria and germs which can cause serious illness.
Used sponges are stored in a separate bag whilst working so as not
to risk using the same sponge twice. Sponges are washed in a net
bag in a hot wash at 60 C degrees.

All other equipment are also cleaned and well looked after. Approved
face paints contain agents which act against yeast, mould and bacteria so
they do not need to be disinfected. Brushes are washed thoroughly at
the end of each session using a brush soap and allowed to air dry.